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Welcome to Grace Baptist--2016

We're glad you took time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with us.

Our site is changing, "Old things are passed away behold all things become NEW".  

Feel free to browse, take our survey, listen to sermons, and download them if desired,watch a recorded sermon on our new Sermon Videos page, or drop us a line.

This website is intended for the sole purpose to honor our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ.

Grace Baptist- "Where wounded hearts are mended by the blood of Jesus Christ."

Grace is convinced, now, more than ever, that time is short- the door is literally at hand. We must meet people where they are. So, in 2016, for the Glory of HIS Kingdom, we are "Committing our Community to Christ". It is our sincere desire for our community to know our Lord, and our church family

We believe that The love of Jesus will be seen in 2016

It is with regret that we have removed our Guestbook page.

Due to repeated abuse of people trying to link to the page, and having to constantly have to monitor this, I apologize to those who have posted and used the page for that which it was intended, as a tool to post comments and just let us know that you have vistited the website.